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What is Risk-Focused Prevention?

Using a risk-focused prevention approach, the Chelan/Douglas TOGETHER! Organization seeks to:


  • Identify those factors which exist locally to put Wenatchee youth at an increased risk of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • Develop strategies to diminish the risks; buffer the effects of the risks and/or strengthen the youth’s protective or resiliency characteristics use a structured planning process to plan and implement these strategies.
  • Build a strong, diverse team of concerned community members.


Sixteen Risk Factors: 

Researchers, Dr. J. David Hawkins and Dr. Richard F Catalano have identified 16 risk factors for youthful alcohol and other drug abuse

The presence of a risk factor increases the chance that an adolescent will become involved with alcohol and other drugs.  The more risk factors present, the greater the risk.  Listed below are the key factors that increase the risk of drug abuse.  They apply to four main areas in young people’s lives: the family, the school, the peer group and the community.


1.             Family History of Addiction

2.             Family Management problems

3.             Parental Drug Use and Positive Attitudes Toward Use

4.             Early conduct Problems

5.             Academic Failure (beginning in mid to late elementary school)

6.             Little Commitment to School

7.              Antisocial Behavior in Early Adolescence

8.             Friends who Use Drugs

9.             Alienation, Rebelliousness, Lack of Social Bonding

10.           Favorable Attitudes Toward Drug Use

11.            Early Drug Use

12.           Community Laws and Norms Favorable Toward Drug Use

13.           Availability of Drugs

14.           Extreme Economic Deprivation

15.           Low Neighborhood Attachment and Community Disorganization

16.           Transitions and Mobility