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About Us

TOGETHER! for Youth Established in 1992, TOGETHER for Youth is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization that works to create a drug-free culture within our schools and communities.

TOGETHER! for Youth is governed by a Board of Directors which includes community, business, and law enforcement leaders.

We are funded by grants, fundraising, and donations.

When you partner with us, you partner with your community!


Assistance for Victims of Crime

When a crime is committed society has many ways to deal with the criminal and assist the accused. What support or help exists for the victim of a crime?

Mariah Bowen-Picard; our Crime Victim Advocate is trained to assist victims of crime in the practical aspects of responding to criminal actions they have suffered. Mariah can accompany you to police interviews, court, counseling offices, attorney's office etc. As a crime victim advocate, Mariah will provide emotional support as well as help with items such as filling out necessary forms and advising how to best protect you in the future. If you are or know someone who is a victim of assault, robbery, property crime, identity theft, bullying, homicide (survivor of victim), kidnapping, hate crime, elder abuse, fraud or human trafficking, call  662-7201 ext 202,